To get the most out of Fundstack's file features you'll need to first integrate with a third party storage provider like Dropbox or Box.

Viewing Files

Files are visible on company pages under the files tab. 

Click on a file to preview (and download) it through Dropbox or Box. 

Note: if you can't open files you may need to enable popups for Fundstack in your browser preferences.

Uploading Files

To upload a file simply drag and drop it on the file section of the file tab. This will start the upload process to your cloud storage provider. Once the upload is complete Fundstack will synchronise with the storage provider and show the uploaded file.

Moving Folders

Fundstack will help you keep your company files organised by deal stage. Deal stages are split into three phases: Deal Flow, Portfolio, and Inactive. 

Each one of these stages has it's own folder in your cloud storage, for example a company called SureShip in the deal flow stage would have the following folder: Fundstack/Deal Flow/ SureShip

As the company moves into different phases, Fundstack will automatically move this company folder into the correct phase folder. This approach allows you to selectively sync your deal flow and portfolio folders to your computer without using storage space syncing the files of inactive deals. 

Email Attachments

When you send an email to Fundstack the attachments will automatically be saved to Fundstack, whether or not you have a cloud storage integration. 

If you are integrated with Dropbox or Box the attachments will be uploaded to an Email sub-folder in the company's folder. The attachments will also be saved in Fundstack's storage and will always be available on the email view in the right-hand sidebar.

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