Fundstack allows you to add a range of metrics to the companies you follow. Each company page has a tab called 'Metrics' where you can view or add data.

You can create a metric in the 'admin' panel:

When you create a metric you have four fields to complete:

Name - to describe what you are measuring
Type - whether the data is currency, numbers, text or a rating (five stars)
Period - whether you want to track the data Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly. For ad hoc data you can select 'Any' and the date you add the data will be recorded
Desired trend - Fundstack automatically calculates the percentage change between data points. Select up for data that you want to see increase over time (such as revenues) or down for data you want to see decrease (such as costs)

Once you have added a metric, it will show up in the metrics tab on each of your company profiles.

As you add data, Fundstack automatically calculates the percentage change.

For more articles on getting the most out of the platform, take a look at our "Using the Platform" section in the support center.

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