Fundstack has a powerful task feature. 

Tasks can be attached to companies and people, have an optional deadline and can be marked as private if you'd like to hide them from the rest of your team. 

You can view tasks, mark them as completed and delete them through the web application, you can also add tasks via email (read the documentation here).

Create a Task

Tasks are found under the task tab on the company and people page.

Create a task by clicking the Add Task button on the right of the tabs toolbar.

Set a Task Deadline

Tasks also support dates and deadlines using natural language. For example the following task content would create a tasks with a deadline of next Thursday:

Schedule a follow up call next Tuesday  

The language processor responsible for dates is quite versatile and supports both absolute and relative dates. The following examples will all produce valid tasks with deadlines:

  • Read the pitch deck next Monday 
  • Ring Juliet at 2PM on Friday 
  • Attend the board meeting at 11am October 15th 

Assigning a Task

Use the @ symbol and then a colleague's name to assign them tasks i.e.

@Henry Black follow up with CEO tomorrow

Your colleague will receive an email and in-app notification to alert them to the task.

View all Tasks

All open tasks can be viewed on the Tasks page where they're grouped by the companies or people they're attached to.


Issues correctly understanding time

Whilst in Beta we are still tweaking our algorithm to understand more edge cases of time expressions used in tasks.

If you experience a bug in our time engine please contact support so we can resolve the issue for you and improve our algorithms in the future.

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