Fundstack allows for Company profiles to be created and added to Pipelines in a matter of seconds. The platform's proprietary data-enrichment algorithm auto-populates data, saving you valuable time and ensuring better quality reporting.

Adding a new Company to your Pipeline

To add a new Company record to your Pipeline navigate to the desired Pipeline and click Add Company

As you type a name, Fundstack will auto-suggest Companies. If the company you are looking for does not appear as a suggestion, select 'manually enter details'.

Here is also where you set which Pipeline Status you want the company to enter, which Company Type you wish to assign, and who the Owner is. Note: Companies can only be on one Pipeline at a time.

Adding an existing Company Record to your Pipeline

If a Company record pre-exists you can add it to a Pipeline from it's Company record page like so:

Removing a Company

You can delete a Company from their record page.

In the Company's page view, click Edit and then click Delete. You'll need to confirm this action since it's permanent.

Note: Deletion actions are audited and visible to account admins, get in touch with us at to find out more.

Adding Companies Elsewhere

You can add a new company record to your Fundstack account from the Companies Page as well. This is most useful when you want to track the company outside of your Pipelines.

You can also add new and existing Companies to your Pipeline from outside the platform using Email Commands or our Chrome Extension.

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