How to Integrate Zapier and Fundstack

Step 1: Create a Zapier account

You can create a Zapier account by visiting Zapier's website. They have a free plan that allows for up to 5 'Zaps' (small programs that connect one software to another), each with up to 2 steps. There are multiple premium tiers that allow for more Zaps with more steps.

Step 2: Request access to Fundstack's integration

Whilst we work on our Zapier integration, we're keeping it private. This doesn't mean you can't use it - you'll just have to email to be granted access.

Step 3: Build a Zap

Once logged in and connected you can start to make your first Zap.

Simply click the 'Make a Zap' button at the top-right of Zapier's homepage to begin.

Step 4: Select your Trigger App

Your Trigger App is the app that will be used to trigger the Zap. You can select any app that is connectable to Zapier from Slack to Mailchimp. If you search for whichever app you want to connect here, then you can find out what Triggers are available for the app.

Step 5: Select the Action/Search you want to perform

Click 'Add a Step' after selecting your Trigger, then select 'Action/Search', and then select the Fundstack app and whichever Action/Search you'd like to perform.

We offer a wide range of Actions/Searches that can be performed, including:

  • Creating a new Person or Company
  • Attaching Notes to People or Companies
  • Creating Originations
  • Adding email addresses to People

Zapier's Own Guide

An extremely detailed walkthrough of how to create pre-built and custom Zaps in Zapier is available on Zapier's website here.

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