Fundstack's Categories make sorting your People easy and insightful. 

Creating People Categories

To create a People Category go to the People Categories tab, found in People > Categories and then press the 'Add Category' button.

Adding People to a Category

You can add a People to a Category from the Person's page on the left side component. Click 'Edit' to add and remove the Person from Categories. When not editing this section you can click on the Category to view all the People in that Category.

You can also add People to a Category from the People tab. Simply click the inline Categories 'Edit' button.

Deleting Categories from your Account

Select the Category or Categories you'd like to delete by checking the checkbox to the left of the Category's name. Once the appropriate categories are selected the 'Delete' button will become visible next to the 'Add Category' button.

When you click 'Delete' you'll be presented with a confirmation dialogue to ensure Categories aren't deleted by accident.

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