One of Fundstack's main features is the ability to add custom data to your Companies and People. We know that you don't want the same data tracked for your lawyers or accountants, or startups and M&A prospects, so we've created Types.

Companies and People will be defined by these Types and you're able to set which custom fields appear for which Types. This tutorial will walk you through setting up your Default Company Type, the process is exactly the same for your Default Person Type. Here are instructions for adding more Types for Companies and People.

To find the Company and People Type settings, you need to go to Admin > Organizations > Company/Person Types.

Step 1: Adding a Custom Field

Your Default Type for both Companies and People comes with no custom fields preinstalled.

To add custom fields, click the 'Add Custom Field' button.

Step 2: Setting a Company or Person's Type

You can define a Company or Person's Type during creation by selecting from the dropdown menu which Type you would like.

Step 3: Adding Data to Custom Fields

Once an entity's Type is defined, you'll be able to add data from their page.

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