Statuses are a key Fundstack feature, they act as sub-groups for your pipelines that let you know how an entity is progressing through.

To access the Status settings, go to Admin > Organization > Pipelines.

Adding a New Status

You can add a new Status by clicking the 'Add Status' button. Statuses can't currently be deleted so it's advised to instead rename current Statuses until you need to add more.

Changing a Status' Name

To change a Status' name you simply click the edit icon by the Status' name.

Changing a Status' Group

To change a Status' Group click the dropdown menu. Changing a Status' Group defines which part of that Pipeline it appear in. You can filter pipelines by Groups.

Target Completion Time

Set the Target Completion Time of a Status Group with the dropdown menu. It defines how long an entity can be in a Status before it is highlighted as overdue.

Require Comment

Toggle the 'Require Comment' button to make it so a Comment is required when an entity is moved into that Status.


Ticking the 'Default' button for a Status makes that Status the default Status for any newly added entity. You can only have one default Status per Pipeline.

Changing Status Order

You can change the order of Statuses within a Pipeline by clicking and dragging the icon on the far right.

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