Adding Tasks

Due Dates

Tasks support dates and deadlines using natural language. For example the following task content would create a tasks with a deadline of next Thursday:

Schedule a follow up call next Tuesday

The language processor responsible for dates is quite versatile and supports both absolute and relative dates. The following examples will all produce valid tasks with deadlines:

  • Read the pitch deck next Monday 
  • Ring Juliet at 2PM on Friday 
  • Attend the board meeting at 11am October 15th 

Company and People Profiles

One of the main ways to add a Task to a Company or Person is via their profile page. If you click the Task tab on a profile page it will show you all current tasks for that entity and allow you to add more.

Task Sidebar and Indicator

You can open the Task Sidebar by either clicking the tab on the right-hand side of the web app, or by clicking the Task Indicator next to a Company or Person's name.


Tasks can be assigned via forwarded emails with the 't' command and then the content of the Task.

Assigning Tasks

Tagging Colleagues

To tag a colleague in a Task use '@', e.g. '@Nick follow up tomorrow at 10am'. Your colleague will be notified that they were tagged in a Task.

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