Person Types are an agile way to customise which custom fields appear for which People. We've created them because we understand that you don't want the same custom fields for your lawyers and your accountants.

To create and manage your Person Types, you need to go to Admin > Organization > Person Types.

Creating a Person Type

Adding a new Person Type

To create a new Person Type, click the 'Add Person Type' button and enter the name of your new Type.

Adding a Custom Field

Within each Type you can add any number of relevant custom fields that will then only show up for People with that Type.

To add a custom field click the 'Add Custom Field' button and follow the on-screen dialog box.

Managing Person Types

Setting a Person's Type

A Person's Type is set when that Person is initiated into Fundstack. You'll be able to select from a dropdown menu of all of your Person Types.

Adding Metadata to a Person

Once a Person's Type is set, you can add data to your custom fields by visiting the Person's page and editing the data inline.

Changing a Person's Type

Changing a person's type will alter the custom metrics visible on its profile. Any previously recorded metrics will be then hidden (although not deleted). If the person's type is changed back to the previous type, then the historic metrics will become visible again.

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