Fundstack's Funding Round feature allows you to track previous and current funding rounds of a Company separately but alongside each other.

Adding a Round

To add a Funding Round to a Company, click the 'Add Round' button on the Company's profile page. You'll be presented with multiple options:

  • Funding type: What type of investment is this?
  • Series: Is it a Seed, Series A round, etc.?
  • Currency: Set the currency code for the round
  • Target Raise: What is the targeted amount being raised?
  • Target Valuation: What is the targeted valuation given the amount being raised?
  • Pre / Post: Is the valuation pre or post financing?

If the round has been closed, you can also enter the following data:

  • The date it was closed
  • Raised: Amount actually raised
  • Valuation: Valuation at the actual raised amount

Editing and Deleting a Round

You can edit a previously submitted Funding Round by clicking the edit icon on the Round in the Company's timeline view. You can delete the round by clicking the dustbin icon; note, this action is permanent.

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