Fundstack allows for Company records to be created in a matter of seconds. The platform's proprietary data-enrichment algorithm auto-populates data, saving you valuable time and ensuring better quality reporting.

Adding a new Company on Fundstack

To add a new Company record into your Fundstack account navigate to the Companies Page and click Add Company. As you type a name, Fundstack will auto-suggest Companies to select from. If the company you are looking for does not appear as a suggestion, select 'manually enter details'.

Adding Companies from the Company page is most useful when you want to track the company outside of your Pipelines. 

Removing a Company

You can delete a Company from their record page.

In the Company's page view, click Edit and then click Delete. You'll need to confirm this action since it's permanent.

Note: Deletion actions are audited and visible to account admins, get in touch with us at to find out more.

Adding Companies Elsewhere

You can also add a new or existing Company directly onto a Pipeline.

You can add new Companies from outside the platform using Email Commands or our Chrome Extension as well.

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