Fundstack allows for Company profiles to be created in a matter of seconds. The platform's proprietary data-enrichment algorithm auto-populates data, saving you valuable time and ensuring better quality reporting.

The more Companies you add, the more useful Fundstack becomes. Once you have our email integration setup, forwarded emails will begin to be automatically attached to relevant Companies.

Adding a Company 

When you add a Company, Fundstack automatically pulls in information about them (i.e. description / HQ address / founded date), links it to social media accounts, and adds category tags.

Navigate to the Companies tab and click 'Add Company'. As you type a name, Fundstack will auto-suggest Companies. Here is where you set which Pipeline Status you want the Company to enter, which Company Record Type you wish to have (this defines which custom fields will be available on the Company's page), and who the Owner is.

Removing a Company

You can delete a Company from their page.

In the Company's page view, click 'Edit' and then click 'Delete'. You'll need to confirm this action since it's permanent.

Note: Deletion actions are audited and visible to account admins, get in touch with us at to find out more.

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