Connecting your external tools to Fundstack will greatly increase your productivity gains.

To access the Integrations settings, you'll need to go to the account dropdown menu > Integrations.

Step 1: Connecting your Email and Calendar

Once in the Integrations panel, click either the 'Connect Gmail' or 'Connect Outlook' button.

Step 2: Setting up Blacklisting

We know that not every email you receive should be shared with your team so we've created a Blacklist feature that allows you to block the syncing of emails from either specific contacts or certain domains.

To blacklist a contact or domain, simply type them into the Blacklist box found on the Email tab. Domains can be in either '' or '' form. The list can either be separated by commas or new lines.

Step 3: Setting up Sharing Levels

Your Sharing Level is another key aspect of Fundstack's Email and Calendar analysis. You have three levels of sharing that define how your email and calendar is analysed and shared.

  • Analytics and Aggregated Metadata - this is the baseline analysis, email and calendar contacts will be extracted and analysed but any email content will remain private.
  • Email Metadata - as above but now your email subject lines will be included and shared with your team members, this way they can get the gist of your emails and understand if things like meetings have been planned.
  • Everything - as above but everything is available for everyone to see, this is the ultimate experience for team sharing and is the most effective setting.

To learn more about Email and Calendar functionality, see here.

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