Lists and Categories are two ways that you can organise entities within Fundstack.

We've pre-loaded Fundstack with over 100 Categories for Companies that cover almost every imaginable industry so this guide will walk you through adding a People Category and setting up a People or Company List. If you want to add more Company Categories just follow the People Category steps or see here.

People Categories

Adding a People Category

To access People Categories, you'll need to go to People > Categories.

To add a new Category, click the 'Add your first category' button. A usual example would be something like Advisor or Lawyer.

People Lists

Adding a People List

The steps for adding a List for People and Companies is the same, other than being done on different pages. We'll be showing how to add a People List. To access the People List panel, go to People > Lists.

To add a new List click the 'Create your first list' button. Once created you can edit the colour of the list by selecting the coloured square.

Deleting a List

You can delete any created lists by selecting them and clicking the 'Delete' button. This action needs to be confirmed.

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