Reports - Why are these useful?

Fundstack' powerful reports tool allows you to analyse and display your data to make the best use of it. Filter and visualise your data real-time to create custom charts and create actionable insights.


  • Analyse portfolio by type - i.e. B2B vs. B2C
  • See best performing employees - i.e. display deals by origination source 
  • Find bottlenecks in your pipeline - i.e. see what stages companies are spending the most time at (incl. companie cuasing bottlenecks)
  • Track which months of the year are busiest - i.e. see cumulative no. of deals by 
  • Filter - i.e. only companies you have invested in, to see what sources are generating your best leads 

Access reports and customise charts

  • Navigate to reports via the top ribbon
  • Customise which datasets are shown in reports by simply clicking on them

Using the powerful filter function

  • Filter the data analysed to deliver valuable insights
  • i.e. see the geographical breakdown of companies you have invested in 

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