Fundstack is built on the principle that it should be easy to add and to access your data from anywhere. To achieve this, we have a range of extensions and integrations to link Fundstack into your existing workflow. This post will show you how to get connected.

Chrome and Gmail Extension
This is one of our most popular features with our power users. 

The Chrome extension lets you add and access data about a company directly from their website:

The extension also adds a wealth of functionality within Gmail, allowing you to add/view company data, track email conversations, and generally manage your pipeline without leaving your email:

For detailed instructions on how to install and use the Chrome and Gmail extension, click below.

Fundstack also supports Inbound Email Integration, allowing you to forward or BCC emails that you wish to store in Fundstack.

And Email analysis. If you connect your email accounts then Fundstack will analyse relevant company and contact emails to display your strongest connects. All emails will also be categorised by company and searchable within the app.

We have a feature-rich native iOS app which allows you to access all your data from your phone. You can download it from the app store by searching for 'Fundstack' or following this link.

Cloud Integration

Whilst we highly recommend using Fundstack's native storage solution, if you wish Fundstack can instead integrate with third party cloud storage providers.

To link a cloud storage account to Fundstack, follow the steps shown below:

If you use a proprietary storage solution or one not listed, email and we will help you link it up.

Now that you've integrated and shared your Fundstack folder you are ready to use Fundstack's powerful file features. 

For more detailed information on cloud storage setup, follow the link below.

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