Tracking deal origination - Why is this useful?

Fundstack allows you to quickly log how prospects are originated to give you full visibility on where your deals are coming from. This provides valuable insight into which sources are ultimately generating your revenue, as well as data for resource allocation. 

Step 1 - Setting the origination fields

  • To add origination data, go to a company's page and click the origination button. This will show you the 'Add Deal Origination' box. 
  • The 'Originated By' field is used to track which member of your team sourced the deal. 
  • The 'Origination Type' field refers to where the deal was found. This field is totally customisable and when we set up your Fundstack account we will ask you what Origination Types your would like us to add here (contact support to add/change these). 

Step 2 - Populating the origination boxes

  • From the three available types of origination in the above example, referral is selected. A person is then tagged and the date is added.

Step 3 - Using origination data

Using origination-data can give you great insights into who are your most valuable referrers.

  • Originations are shown in the company's timeline 
  • They can also be used in Fundstack's Reporting tool to provide powerful insights as to where your deals are coming from
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