Fundstack is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This article looks at three key ways to set your team up for success.


The core of everything in Fundstack is companies (or whatever you're tracking) so we have made adding them in very simple.

Simply click to add a new company, enter a name or url, and Fundstack will do the rest.


Each company has a status which you can change as it moves through your pipeline. The 'Deal Flow' view displays your entire pipeline:

Companies can be easily moved between stages:


Tasks help you keep on top of your workload. You can add tasks using natural language and get an email reminder the day they're due. 


Each company page has a timeline which is a central source of all activities regarding that deal. Here you can add notes, view attached emails, add origination information, and much more.

These key features are just the beginning. The more data you include in the platform, the more powerful it becomes. If you have outside data sources you would like to integrate, contact the sales team and we will help you get connected.

File Storage

Fundstack features native file storage that can easily store all your relevant files and keep them organised on a company basis. To see a detailed guide on how to use Fundstack native storage visit here.

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