Whilst we recommend using the Fundstack native storage for ease-of-use, we also support integrating multiple third party storage solutions. See how to use Fundstack native storage here.

At the time of writing we support Dropbox (Personal and Business accounts), G Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.

Integrating with your cloud storage provider

1. Contacting Fundstack Support

To begin setting up a third-party cloud storage integration you'll need to contact support@fundstack.com

2. Set-up Your Provider

  • Google GDrive: Create a Team Drive called 'Fundstack'
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Create a SharePoint call 'Fundstack'
  • Dropbox: Create a Team Dropbox folder called 'Fundstack'
  • Box: Create a shared folder called 'Fundstack' in the root folder

2. Integrate on Fundstack

Next you'll need to connect your provider within Fundstack. This is done from the Integrations page, found at Integrations > Cloud Storage.

3. Sharing Files and Folders with Your Team

Fundstack delegates sharing preferences to the underlying cloud storage provider, it will respect any sharing permissions you set. If you would like to share files and folders amongst your team you'll need to share the top level Fundstack  folder with them through your third party provider.

Now that you've integrated and shared your Fundstack folder you ready to use Fundstack's powerful file features.


Ensure that Fundstack and your File Storage provider have an active connection

From time to time your Fundstack Integration may disconnect from Dropbox due to password resets or other forms of credential expiry.

The first step to fixing any issue with the File Storage Integrations is to check the Settings page under Integrations. You should check that the green "Connected" sign is showing for your integration of choice.

Check that the Fundstack folder is located in the root of your third party storage provider's directory. 

The Fundstack folder cannot be nested within other folders. Make sure that the Fundstack folder your team is sharing is seated at the base of your Dropbox or Box file structure.

Do not attempt to rename the Fundstack folder itself. This will prevent Fundstack from seeing the folder and may result in your data becoming out of alignment with Fundstack itself.

For example:
A MacOS user using Dropbox would need to place their Fundstack file at the following directory: Users/username/Dropbox (Fund Name)/Fundstack/ 

Verify that all members of your team have the cloud storage provider connected. 

Team Members without a cloud storage integration may corrupt the state of your folder by changing statuses or company names inside Fundstack. Verify that all members of your team that are making changes inside of Fundstack have their cloud storage provider enabled.

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