Fundstack's Inbound Email Integration allows you to easily send conversations into the Fundstack application and track them alongside your existing company information.

Email Commands allow you to attach short commands when sending an email to the platform. There is some learning involved so please get in touch if you would like help or a quick demo.

Available Commands

Create a New Company

You can quickly and easily create a company from email. Simple include the company tag in at the top of the email body. 

For example, should you want to add a company called Sureship include company: sureship  at the top of the email to Fundstack. 

This company will be run through with our enriching, so the company will be added with a full and complete profile. 

Update a Company Status

You can use the status: tag to update the status in your pipeline of a given company.
The status tag is not case sensitive however the status must already exist on your Fundstack account in order for the status command to work.

Sending the below example would cause the status of SureShip to be changed to evaluation on the platform.

company: sureship
status: evaluation

Add a Task to a Company

You can use the task: tag to add a task to a given company. 

The following email body would cause a new task to be created on the SureShip deal with no deadline:

company: sureship
task: Request Ben's passport for AML

Tasks also support providing dates and deadlines using natural language. For example the following email would create an email with a deadline of next Tuesday:

company: sureship
task: Attend the board meeting next Tuesday

The language processor responsible for dates is quite versatile and supports both absolute and relative dates. The following examples will all produce valid tasks with attached deadline:

  • Read the pitch deck next Monday 
  • Ring Juliet at 2PM on Friday 
  • Attend the board meeting at 11am October 15th

Full List of Commands

Company: company  or c 

Status: status  or s 

Task: task  or t 


Issues correctly understanding time

Certain commands allow you to provide dates or deadlines for the action in Natural Language ( i.e Remind me to call Johanna next Friday ). This works for dates and time, both relative and absolute. However, it has no concept of events such as Christmas or the New Year.

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