For most funds, email is a key part of their workflow.

Fundstack's email integration allows you to easily copy emails to Fundstack by using your fund's email address. Simply BCC or Forward emails to that address, no matter which email provider or client you use.

Fundstack will automatically scan the recipients of the email and create links to the related companies in your deal flow. 

Finding your Inbound Email Address

As part of the Inbound Email update, we have added a new Inbox tab where you can see all the emails that have been sent into your Fundstack account. 

Your inbound email address is found in the top right of this inbox page and is unique to your firm. All inbound email addressees end with "" and only registered members of your Fundstack account are able to send emails into the platform.

Assigning Emails to a Company

By default Fundstack will attempt to parse the recipients of your email to determine which of your tracked companies the email is relating to. In the example below you can see that Fundstack has automatically assigned SureShip to the conversation as they were involved as recipients.

Unfortunately the platform is unable to pick referenced companies out of the body of the email at the time of writing. To attach this email to the missing company (SuperSail), you can click Edit on the companies panel and attach it to the missing company.

Similarly, should you wish to unlink a company from the thread, you can remove it using the Unlink button in the Companies panel.

Viewing Emails Inside a Company Timeline

Emails will automatically appear in the timeline of any company which they are linked to allowing you to easily keep track of the entire history of a deal.

Advanced Features

Email Attachments

Fundstack will automatically detect files attached to forwarded emails. These files will be stored in our native file storage and can be downloaded by viewing the email or files on the Inbox page of your account.


Detecting Forwarded Emails

We do our best to detect Forwarded Emails but, as with any algorithm, we will sometimes be unable to infer if a message has been forwarded. To guarantee that a message is processed by Fundstack as a forwarded message, ensure that the subject contains Fwd: , for example:

Fwd: March company performance metrics


My emails don't appear to be arriving

Please get in touch with support and we'll get it fixed for you right away, you can reach us at

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